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Photo Gallery

ADVERTS ADVERTS Explorer - Eurostar Description: In this advert a girl (age 9-11) is alone exploring Paris. She screams "hello?" from a balcony, then she walk around the zoo saying "hello" to different animals. She has a dreaming expression with a fresh looking face (no make-up) and she is dressed simply in a casual t-shirt and shorts. 157680958 Pop Princess Description: The advert shows a rapidly alternating sequence of pop female singers performing their songs. Most singers appear scantily dressed and dancing in a sexually suggestive manner. 157680959 ZhuZhu Pets Description: The advert show two girls happily playing with Zhu Zhu Pets (fluffy plastic toys with wheels representing hamster mothers and babies) and their full play set (houses, beds, slides, merry go around and other accessories). The girls look very pretty and well groomed with perfect hair and smartly dressed. The femininity portrayed in this advert emphasizes innocent play and a caring attitude. The approximate age of the actresses is 8-10 years old. 157680960 Bratz Masquerade Description: Four girls (teenager, 15-16 years old) dressing in glamorous XVIII century customs and wearing ?Venice Carnival? style masks, walk down a shimmering stair while two teenage boys ?equally dressed in XVIII century costumes -stare admiringly at the girls. The girls? images are alternated with images of the Bratz dolls. At the end of the clip the girls put make-up on their cheeks with the help of a special ?drawing hearts? mask. The advert epitomises a glamorised type of femininity. 157680961 Nintendo DS Dream Wedding Description: The advert shows people smartly dressed at a wedding in a Church. The ceremony is well underway and the priest is asking the spouses for their consent. Two well-known and pretty female celebrities ? both BBC?s TV presenters - feature as main characters. They are playing with Nintendo DS in one of the rear seats (the game played is ?Build your dream wedding? where players can customise the ideal wedding, from the interior d�cor to people?s attire and make-up). Suddenly the advert becomes humorous, as the choices made in the game translates into real changes: the bride?s traditional long & white dress turns into a skimpy red dress, while the head of the groom displays a punk?s spiky Mohican. A young girl (roughly age 10) from the front seats witness the two friends doing the trick and she giggles in amusement. The two presenters smile apologetically while the guests stare in full astonishment. 157680962 Furreal Dog Description: The advert shows a girl walking her Furreal walking pup in the park (a fluffy battery-operated puppy on the leash). The girl is quickly attracting the attention of other young people in the park - mostly girls as only one boy is visible- who start to follow her, dancing around her and taking pictures with their mobile phones. A group of teenagers cheerleaders in their costumes join the crowd and perform their jumps and cartwheels around the girls. The main actress is a pretty girl of around 9 years of age and she wear trendy and colourful clothes, a mini skirt with leggings and a jacket, with Converse All Star footwear. She doesn?t seem to wear make-up but her hair and general appearance suggest a looks-conscious girl. Most of the girls in the adverts appear to be of similar age, prettiness and attire. 157680963 Girl Tech Password Diary Description: A pretty teenager girl talks about the benefits of having a journal protected by a secret password of choice. The background is consistently flowery and pink ? like the journal itself- and the advert shows other girls happily using the diary. 157680964 Harribo - Interrogation Description #11a: In this advert there is a father going through a police?s style interrogation by the rest of the family (mother, son and daughter) as they try to make him confess being guilty about the disappearance of Harribo sweeties. . At first, the son - a boy around 11 years old - tries to persuade the father without success. Then the son calls in ?Detective Mills? and a very young girl- around 6 years old- storms through the door and ?grills? the suspect with a powerful stare, shouting aggressively ?Look into my eyes!?. The father appears intimidated and immediately gives up by saying: ?Alright, alright ?I?ll sign the confession!? 157680965 Arumika 157680966 Weight Watchers - Do it your way Description: The advert features real members of WW (overwhelmingly women) who happily walk, dance and sing - or rather mimic singing - a catchy song by Alesha Dixon (a popular singer) while acting as they are going about their daily routine (shopping, swimming, dinner out, etc..). The lyric unmistakeably proclaims the pride of weight loss, suggesting that members were able to literally transform their life through losing weight. Quoting a Daily Mail?s excerpt on 1st January 201: ?At three minutes and 10 seconds, it?s one of the longest adverts to ever appear on British television. And, as it will be broadcast on nearly every commercial British TV channel just before 7pm today, it?s also one of the most expensive. But it?s not just the length or blanket coverage of the new �15million WeightWatchers? TV commercial that?s expected to get the advert talked about. It?s also a music video for a song that will be simultaneously released with the ambition of taking it to the top of the singles chart. Written by Alesha Dixon, the song is performed by the Strictly ?s judge and a group of 180 women ? and a few men ? who?ve never performed before, let alone appeared on a TV ad.(?) The song which accompanies the advert is based on the women?s own stories with lines such as; ?I used to be so boring Staying in bed all morning.....Didn?t like my photo. I?m loving it now.? 157680967 Vimto Low Rider Description: Three model-looking girls in their late teens or twenties are riding in a nice car and just waiting at the traffic light. The girls appear wealthy and perfectly groomed. The girls are approached by Vimto?s Low Rider, a multi-suspension car with three happy looking animated cartooned fruits inside: a raspberry, a blackcurrant and a grape. The fruits flirt with the girls in the car by saying ?Hello pretty ladies!? The girls do not seem to take them seriously and are giving snobbish smirks clearly intended to get rid of the undesired attention. The fruit respond by making their music louder and activating the multiple suspension of the car, which starts bouncing with them inside. The fruits get more and more excited, with their car bouncing higher and higher at the rhythm of a catchy hip hop song. At one point the bounce becomes so violent that it squashes the fruits, splattering their purple juice outside the car and all over the girls, who appear at first shocked but then delighted with the juice?s flavour: ?Mhm..? , they lick their lips repeatedly and smile excitedly at each other. 157680968 Mattel - Monster High Dolls Description: The advert shows an alternate sequence of animated cartoon characters of the dolls with each character introducing her/himself and a catchy song in the background. There are both girls and boys dolls. The girl dolls have all the same ?skinnier than Barbie? body shape, with unrealistically narrow body waist, very long and colourful hair, monster face with heavy make-up and extremely scanty costumes, mostly ultra-miniskirts or ultra-tight leggings. 157680969 KFC 157680970 J'adore Dior 157680971 Description: The advert ? titled "Super Reed"- features the ex-Edinburgh fringe comedy trio ?The Wogans? and portrays a superhero going around an office with the ability to instantaneously change people's jobs. The trio is wearing colorful fancy dress clothes and sings a catchy slogan. The main character (dressed in a superhero costume) approaches in turn every employee in an office ordering them into a new job (i.e. ?You should be a Lolly Pop Man!?) magically changing their dress or uniform according to their new role. 157680972 Petit Filous - Old vs New advert OLD ADVERT -Description: The scene is filmed in a French village. A boy (roughly age 6) is being bullied and his marbles taken away by some boys. A girl (roughly age 7) witnesses the incident and reassures the boy that she would get his marbles back. She then faces the bullying boy in a harm wrestling contest, winning the marbles back for the boy. NEW ADVERT -Description: The scene is filmed in a British school?s hall (as the actors wear a typical comprehensive school uniform). A girl (roughly age 7) is being bullied by a group of older boys (age 8-9) and she looks quite fearful. A younger boy (roughly age 6) witnesses the incident and immediately run to help the girl, intimidating the boys by simply turning up his sleeves and assuming the fight position (showing his fists as to start a fight). The girl steps behind the little boy, simply watching what is happening. The bullies turn their back and decide to leave the girl alone. 157680973